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Page de TeatrInGestAzione

Informations concernant le profil

Activité(s) principale(s)
Performance, Live arts, Festival
Date de création
1 mai 2006
via mezzocanone, 19
Site web
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TeatrInGestAzione are based in Naples. Their main stylistic feature is the strong visual impact; they purse an aesthetics based on the accuracy of presence, the simplicity of elements and the essential use of space. Their creative process aims to release the performing act from the exhibition context, re-defining the concept of scene as the space of an experimental sociality. They have been hosted in national and international contexts as l’Institut für Theater Film und Medienwissenschaft – Goethe Universität di Frankfurt am Main (Germania); Ella Fiskum Danz R.E.D. (Norvegia); La Soffitta – DAMS, Bologna; Contaminafro – CRT, Milano; Play K(ey) – Zona K, Milano; APACHE season two – Teatro Litta, Milano; Italian Performance Platform – Ipercorpo Festival, Forlì; Trasparenze Festival – Teatro dei Segni, Modena; Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni – Teatro Akropolis, Genova; Finestre sul Giovane Teatro – Teatro Ridotto, Bologna; Napoli Teatro Festival Italia – Napoli; E’(C)CENTRICO – Officine Caos, Torino; Presente/Futuro – Teatro Libero, Palermo; Contrappunti – Tam Teatromusica, Padova; Benevento Città Spettacolo – Benevento; Teatri Aperti – Firenze. In 2011 they won the prize Movin’UP (supporting the circulation of young artists in the world, with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture). Their pedagogic and artistic experience is collected by several degree thesis and by the publications “Il tempo a Napoli”, Piermario Vescovo, Ed. Marsilio 2011; “Culture Teatrali 2015” a cura di Silvia Mei, ed. La casa Usher; “Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni” ed. AkropolisLibri 2014; “Il tempo a Napoli” di Piermario Vescovo, Ed. Marsilio 2011; “Recito, dunque so(g)no” di Pozzi e Minoia, Edizioni Nuove Catarsi, 2009. From 2006 to 2014 they developed a (pedagogical and creative) theatre project in Aversa Criminal Psychiatric Hospital. The project was dedicated to the internees, aiming an expressive awakening and foreseeing human dignity and its spaces. Actually the activity follows in Naples Poggioreale Jail, and it is directed to its prisoners. In 2011 they are among the funders of the Coordinamento Nazionale di Teatro in Carcere (the National Network of Theatre in prison). As pedagogues, they lead seminars and workshops in national and international artistic entities and they guide training projects in schools of al levels, in cultural institutions and universities. In 2008, they are among the teachers of FormArt Lavoro Salerno – Progetto di Alta Formazione per Operatori Teatrali in poor areas and prison facilities (Ministero del Lavoro; Artistic Direction Ruggero Cappuccio); from 2015 to present, they are among the directors of “Arrevuoto”, a pedagogical project of youth theatre, conceived by Teatro delle Albe in collaboration with National Theatre of Naples. From 2011 they are the creators and curators of complex projects, as Altofragile – a shared space of the genetic moment of the artistic creation (altofragile.eu) and Altofest – International Contemporary Live Arts Festival (altofest.net). Valletta Foundation 2018 nominated them the curators of a special edition of Altofest in Malta, that will run during Valletta2018 European Capital of Culture.

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